Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh So Glittery! - Glittersweet Bags

Photo: Glittersweet Studio

Sole Food is so excited to welcome glittersweet to our boutique! Made with love in our hometown of Seattle, glittersweet is the creation of two moms who find sheer joy in all things glittery! They developed a great line of bags suitable for everyday use; they are pretty enough for a night out as well as practical for the grocery store and office.  

We have crossbody bags available in two sizes: the large tote and the medium tote.  There are also some ├╝ber-cute accessory cases that are perfect for everyday essentials, like your makeup, snacks, or zombie survival kit (just kidding!).  

Here is a sample of what we have in-store:
Medium Tote with Huckleberry Applique - Shop Here

These bags are a great everyday size, perfect for your daily essentials and more.  The long cross body strap features a gripper pad so the strap doesn't fall off your neat is that! There's a side pocket for your phone, keys, etc. and the lining is a fun, printed pattern.  Other styles we carry:
Daisy Applique - Shop Here

Blossom Applique - Shop Here
    This fully-zippered accessory case has a sleek liner that makes this bag easy to clean.  The fun designs available include Huckleberry, Wildflower, and Daisy.

    Wildflower Accessory Bag - Shop Here

    Huckleberry Accessory Bag - Shop Here

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    1. Those are beautiful. I'm checking those out.