Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Michael Jolie

"If the shoe matters more than the label in it, Michael Jolie is your shoe. You understand how the right shoes make your outfit - and your day. Crafted by Italian artisans from the finest leathers, Michael Jolie shoes are built for a discerning, quality-conscious woman. It's not about what you need, it's what you can't live without. Our shoes are the product of our partnership with the finest Italian shoemakers and are brought to you by a select group of retailers who feel the way we do."


Avery Ballet - SHOP HERE

These beautiful ballets feature the softest leathers in both a textured finish and
an amazing robin egg blue color.  The simplicity of the design will take your breath away.

Avery Ballet - SHOP HERE

Callie Heel - SHOP HERE

Need a fresh lift for your wardrobe?  These wonderfully designed heels will amaze you.  Above is the Callie heel, made by the finest Italian craftsmen around. Below, the Carina is a slingback  peep toe featured in a beautiful sea foam green.

Carina Heel - SHOP HERE

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shop Success!

Thank You!

Sole Food had a great weekend with the Shop to make a Difference event.  Thanks to you we sold 55 Cure Cards...that's $1375 going to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research! 

"Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is a world leader in research to understand, treat and prevent cancer, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening diseases. Founding members of the center are credited with pioneering bone-marrow transplantation as a successful treatment for leukemia and other blood diseases."

"Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center was founded by Dr. William Hutchinson in honor of his brother, Fred, a former major league baseball player and manager, who died of lung cancer at age 45."
(From the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center website)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We heart Brett!

 Congratulations to Brett for being April's Employee of the Month!

Being a Sole Foodie for over 5 years, Brett is known for his friendly customer service,  upbeat attitude and, above all, his knowledge of footwear at Sole Food.  He actively searches new facts about fit, materials, styles and more so that he can give his customers all the facts they need to make the right decision.

Here's what his fellow employees had to say:

"Customers love Brett. He is very friendly and helpful to everybody. He has a lot of product knowledge and is willing to share it with customers and other co-workers. He is easy to work with and has a good attitude."

"Brett is always positive. He only has good things to say about other people.  He is fun to work with and easy to be around." 

Congratulations Brett! You deserve it!