Wednesday, June 22, 2011

May Employee of the Month: Bri!

Sole Food is proud to announce May's employee of the month...Bri! She has been a Sole Food team member for just over a year and she has grown to be one of our most knowledgeable associates.  Bri is always looking out for her customers and giving them all the help they need, whether it is about children's fit or fashion tips.

Here is what some of her fellow coworkers had to say about Bri:

"Bri did an incredible job of working with a customer with a disability. She worked diligently and he left the store happy and with four pairs of Cydwoq shoes. He thanked her for her friendly attitude and great knowledge of Cydwoq."

"Bri is always good to work with. She is helpful and nice to customers as well as everybody she works with."

Congrats Bri!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TEVA & Lucky the penguin!

TEVA has always been ecologically conscious about water and how the world is affected by it.  Their adventurous heritage has been around for over 25 years with the mission "to play and to protect".  While constantly pushing themselves to design the greatest sport sandals, they also play a vital role in being enviromentally friendly.

We love TEVA because they go above and beyond footwear.  Check out the video above and learn about Lucky, a penguin at the Santa Barbara zoo that needed corrective footwear to save its life.  We gotta say, TEVA makes an awfully adorable shoe for penguins!