Sunday, July 25, 2010

DO YOU see kai run?

New see kai run footwear has arrived at Sole Food! The new fall line is once again too cute to handle...

[See Kai Run's Gwen Maryjane, US whole sizes 3-8]

see kai run is the brainchild of Cause Haun, Kai's mom. For a long time Cause was looking for the right pair of shoes for her growing boy, ones that would help his little feet grow healthy and strong.

When she didn't find what she was looking for, Cause went on to develop her own shoes for Kai, and the rest is history. see kai run was born.

[See Kai Run's Augustin Shoe, US whole sizes 3-8]

Starting in specialty boutiques around Seattle (including Sole Food!), see kai run is now a phenomenon around the world. These shoes offer what parents and kids want in their and comfort! see kai run shoes feature super soft leathers and a flexible soles, which is key for foot development in children. These shoes have been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association's seal of acceptance because they meet the rigorous standards for foot health and functionality. Go Kai!

[smaller by See Kai Run's Kai Shoe, 0-6 months to 12-18 months]

Also from see kai run is a line of soft baby booties. smaller by see kai run is all about cuteness for the littlest feet out there! A unique feature of these booties is two rubber pads on the bottom, perfect for the babies almost ready to stand or even take a few steps.

[smaller by see kai run's kat maryjane bootie, 0-6 months to 12-18 months]

There are many more styles from see kai run here at Sole Food, one more cuter than the next. Our well-trained staff can help size and fit your little ones with the right pair. We know you'll be happy with these shoes. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Arrivals: Sweet Scarves!

This just in: Bright, super soft, wear-in-any weather Pashminas and Infinity Scarves! We've brought back some of your favorite Pashminas in fun summer colors like passion purple, grasshopper green, deep in denim, and many other great hues to brighten up any wardrobe.

We've also got in some lightweight Infinity Scarves you can wear in an infinity amount of ways.

Skeptical? Well, here's Bridget, a Sole Food Associate (and glowing model!) to help get you started on some of the sassy ways you can scarf it!

The Loop-d-loop

Easy As: Take scarf and twist once. Place head through loop.

Sophisticated Shawl
Easy As: Drape scarf across shoulders.

Easy Elegance
Easy As: Wearing a long necklace.

There are many more ways to wear these great scarves. So come on in and try one today. We'll see you soon!

Arch Support: To have or have not?

Sole Food mamas and papas are caring individuals who only want the best for their wee ones. One of the main concerns parents have is whether or not children should have arch support in their shoes. Well, to help clear the air, this post will focus on arch support for your children.

Infants and Toddlers:
Babies are the cutest things! They are born with flat feet and do not need arch supports. They generally have flat chubby feet with a padding of protective fat underneath the foot to help protect their malleable feet. At this stage the best shoe for their feet needs to be soft, not too restricting, and made of natural leather or canvas. Synthetic materials don't allow feet to breathe properly and at this stage children usually produce up to 2 pints of liquid each day (that's some sweaty feet!). The appearance of the flat foot starts disappearing as children start walking around and improving their gait.

Children ages 4 and up:
A normal arch tends to develop between the ages of 4 through 8. The muscles and ligaments develop naturally and longitudinal arch becomes present. Only a Podiatrist can diagnose a rigid flat foot or a pronounced longitudinal arch, so if your child does not develop an arch during this time period, it is advisable to see a doctor to avoid foot problems later in life.

If your child tends to pronate, or to roll their foot inwards, you may need shoes with some arch support. This will help the foot turn out promote appropriate foot, leg, and back alignment. Here at Sole Food we carry many childrens brands that have great support. We also carry brands that have removable insolves, such as Keen, Merrell, and Ecco, if your child has custom or ready made arch supports that need to be inserted in their shoes.

So come on in and enjoy our selection of comfortable, supportive, and stylish childrens shoes.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Flats for Summer!

New flats are here! We have some ├╝ber-cute styles ready for you! Featured in our post are styles from Gentle Souls, Gee WaWa, and a newer company we started carrying just this spring, Kelsi Dagger. Check them out!

Gentle Souls' Bay Braid Flat [US whole and half sizes 6-10]
One of Sole Food's most popular styles, the Bay Braid flat is everything you want in a flat...cute AND comfortable! The metallic finish is great for summer, but will also carry you perfectly into fall.

Gee WaWa's Lucy Ballet Flat [US whole and half sizes 6-10]
This flat will surprise you with its super soft leather! This flat hugs your foot with its nubuck-like softness, and is the perfect simple ballet. It goes great with everything - your skirts, dresses, denim and more!

Kelsi Dagger Shaye Flat [US whole and half sizes 6-10]
Time and time again, Kelsi Dagger designs stand out on our shelves, but especially on your feet! The Shaye Flat is a simple ballet with beautiful eyelet detailing.

Kelsi Dagger's Melia Flat [US whole and half sizes 6-10]
Another great flat from Kelsi Dagger, the Melia flat is soft, feminine, and cute! The deep purple leathers go well with floral dresses as well as your earthtones.

This is just a teeny sample of what's to come for late summer and fall. We'll keep you updated as more come in! Happy Summer!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Meet the Staff: Lindsay!

Meet Lindsay, a shoe lover and wonderful employee for over 2 years!

Name: Lindsay Bower

Hometown: Woodinville

Primary Role at Sole Food: Selling shoes!

Favorite Brands at Sole Food: Frye, Miz Mooz, Indigo and Kelsi Dagger

When I'm not at Sole Food you can find me: Going to school at UW or watching the World Cup!

Favorite Restaurant in Seattle: Cafe Flora

Must have shoe for Summer:

Frye - Maya Stud Slingback in Yellow
"It's a great sunny color for Summer...hopefully it will bring out some actual sun!"