Thursday, July 15, 2010

Arch Support: To have or have not?

Sole Food mamas and papas are caring individuals who only want the best for their wee ones. One of the main concerns parents have is whether or not children should have arch support in their shoes. Well, to help clear the air, this post will focus on arch support for your children.

Infants and Toddlers:
Babies are the cutest things! They are born with flat feet and do not need arch supports. They generally have flat chubby feet with a padding of protective fat underneath the foot to help protect their malleable feet. At this stage the best shoe for their feet needs to be soft, not too restricting, and made of natural leather or canvas. Synthetic materials don't allow feet to breathe properly and at this stage children usually produce up to 2 pints of liquid each day (that's some sweaty feet!). The appearance of the flat foot starts disappearing as children start walking around and improving their gait.

Children ages 4 and up:
A normal arch tends to develop between the ages of 4 through 8. The muscles and ligaments develop naturally and longitudinal arch becomes present. Only a Podiatrist can diagnose a rigid flat foot or a pronounced longitudinal arch, so if your child does not develop an arch during this time period, it is advisable to see a doctor to avoid foot problems later in life.

If your child tends to pronate, or to roll their foot inwards, you may need shoes with some arch support. This will help the foot turn out promote appropriate foot, leg, and back alignment. Here at Sole Food we carry many childrens brands that have great support. We also carry brands that have removable insolves, such as Keen, Merrell, and Ecco, if your child has custom or ready made arch supports that need to be inserted in their shoes.

So come on in and enjoy our selection of comfortable, supportive, and stylish childrens shoes.

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