Monday, July 11, 2011

Current Obsessions: New Balance Minimus Trail Shoe!

Hey Sole Foodies, it's Anilyn. I'm super excited to report that our store now carries the NEW New Balance Minimus Trail shoe for both men and women. It is the newest line of barefoot footwear from New Balance. The trail shoe features a rubber wrapped upper designed to reinforce the metatarsal, a stitched tongue to prevent debris from invading your twinkle toes, a wrapped toe to guard against rocks, and an outsole designed to allow the runner to feel the ground without compromising stability.

Now, not every runner is going to need this type of shoe. The NB Minimus is designed so that runners can strike the ground landing at midfoot.  It's best to introduce yourself to the sensation of wearing a shoe like this a little at a time. New Balance recommends that first time wearers do only 10% of their usual running/walking routine to help ease runners into the transition. 

My priorities are simple: I want to look and feel comfortable, at work and at play.  I have had these shoes for a little over three weeks now and I run in them constantly. I took it slow at first but now I'm racing at full sprint. I also love the coral color and it’s totally on trend right now! Come and test them out for yourself and see what all the hype is about.

Top: Men’s MT10OB in Orange
Bottom: Women’s WT10GR in Coral

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  1. Much cuter than the Fiver Fingers. I am going to have to come check those out...