Thursday, January 24, 2013

Introducing Cliff Dweller

We are so pleased to introduce Cliff Dweller, Cydwoq’s sister line. Cydwoq is one of our most popular brands and Cliff Dweller is made using the same techniques and materials as Cydwoq and are manufactured in Cydwoq’s factory. Designed by Cydwoq founder Rafi Balouzian’s son Ari, Cliff Dweller shoes are fun, comfortable and reflect Ari’s distinctive point of view. In addition to being a designer and Cydwoq’s Creative Director, Ari is a visual artist and a musician. The name Cliff Dweller is also the name of Ari’s ongoing collaborative artistic project and his shoe designs complement and are inspired by his many and varied artistic endeavors. Take a look at Cliff Dweller’s website to read all about what Ari is working on—he is amazingly talented!:

Rafi and Ari come from a long tradition of shoemakers and their family has passed down its knowledge regarding shoe construction for seven generations. Ari worked closely with his father and designed over thirty styles for Cydwoq before starting his own line. Cliff Dweller shoes, like Cydwoq, are comfortable as well as fashionable. Cydwoq was started because Rafi saw a need for shoes that would support an active lifestyle (he regularly walks fifty blocks a day!) and that utilized European-style craftsmanship. Since its beginning in 1996, Cydwoq has remained committed to manufacturing the highest quality shoes. Cydwoq and Cliff Dweller shoes are always made by hand using the finest vegetable tanned leathers and Cydwoq strives to impact the environment as little as possible. Cliff Dweller is an exciting new enterprise for the company and its shoes will surely appeal to Cydwoq’s many fans. Sole Food is so excited to welcome Cliff Dweller to our store!

The Thomas
We currently have two adorable styles in stock by Cliff Dweller, the Norma and Thomas flats. These will be great for spring (which seems like it’ll never get here—what’s with this arctic chill?!) and can easily be worn with tights and a dress or skirt. They feature a negative heel and Cydwoq’s trademark metal shank through the sole to help support feet and allow for lots of walking.

The Norma

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