Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Arrivals! | Gabor

I know what you are thinking. "BOOTS? In August? But it's hot out!"
Believe it or not, boots are already here at Sole Food. It's a good time to act fast and pick out your favorite pair while they are still here!

I know what else you might be thinking. "I can't wear boots. My calves are too big."
This is a negative that is found in some boots...not enough versatility in the shaft widths so that the boots can fit a number of different leg sizes.

[Check out my little video...I go through some new Gabor boots and show you what's awesome!]

Well be sad no more! Gabor from Germany knows this plight of boots and has been a master of feet and shoes for a long time. Established in 1949, Gabor has been designing shoes and boots that feature many different options for the many different feet in the world. Gabor offers larger sizes, many widths and innovative footbeds that provide maximum comfort for you. All Gabor boots are produced in Europe, which guarantees highest quality and materials.

Back by popular demand, these boots will fit you like a glove. Featured here we have three tall boots, all with adjustable shaft-widths. Whether you have the large calf or the skinny one, these boots feature a buckle system that can loosen or tighten as needed. Another way to look at it is that you can wear these boots with pants tucked in, over the boot, or with leggings, tights, thinner socks, thick socks...the possibilities are endless!

Thanks for reading, Sole Foodies!
- Linda

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