Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chie Mihara

Sole Food is excited to carry a new line of designer shoes for women. You may have seen them in the store earlier this spring, but if you haven't seen or tried them on, you should!

(photo courtesy of chiemihara.com)

Chie Mihara is a world-class designer, born in Brazil, studied design in Japan, and now lives in Europe creating beautiful shoes. She launched her shoe line in Elda, Spain in 2002 with the goals of designing footwear that is feminine and attractive, without giving up comfort.

"Every Chie Mihara shoe features an anatomical footbead that Chie designed specifically to accomodate a woman's foot. "

Can you ask for more in a shoe? Chie takes great dedication and draws from her worldwide roots to design timeless shoes that have a background in vintage style but speak in contemporary language. Her collections reflect her multi-cultural background..."Brazil informs the feminine details; Japan influences her design approach; the U.S. contributes practicality; and Spain is the source for high quality construction."

You'll appreciate the careful attention and craftsmanship of these shoes!

Here are a couple Chie Mihara shoes at Sole Food:

(photo courtesy of chiemihara.com)
Wonder Sandal (sizes 36-41, whole & half sizes)

(photo courtesy of chiemihara.com)
Kaisi Shoe (sizes 36-41, whole & half sizes)


  1. I like these shoes especially first pair
    of shoes I always find innovation in Ladies Shoes

  2. wow... this is really awesome blog... great focus of ladies shoes.. i love ladies shoes