Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ciao Bella!

That’s what you’ll hear if you walk down the street in our great Gidigio heels and boots! We picked up this fabulous line all the way from Le Marche, Italy! Known as affordable luxury (who doesn’t love the combination of those words?) this line was created by the Bettis family in 1996. It’s a small operation, literally Giorgio DeLasandro, his wife and son, plus eight other employees produce the shoes.

What’s so great about the brand? The shoes are perfect for work, walk and wine! They’re not over the top, surprisingly comfortable and cute enough for a night on the town. They’re also rare because you can’t find them on Zappos and we are the only store that carries them on the west coast. You’ll never see another woman out there with your shoes on! Talk about one of a kind! Another great bonus is that comparable Italian brands on average cost about $100 more. So you’ll get the Italian fashion at a great price!

We have two boots and three shoes in stock by them currently. One boot is a black heel and the other is a grey/brown flat. Both lace up the front, which is a popular trend this year. The three heels are very classic looking and we have them in a black, brown and a grey. Once you put them on you’ll be amazed at how great they feel.

We love supporting other small businesses like us and we really believe in the brand. In the words of an Italian – Arrivaderci! We’ll see you soon!

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