Thursday, October 22, 2009

Keep Your Boots and Shoes Looking New!

Does this situation sound familiar?

Step 1: Find the perfect pair of boots.

-There are so many styles of boots to choose from, and being the true shoe trooper you are, you stuck it out and delved through what seemed like hundreds of styles to find THE PAIR that you had been looking for.

Step 2: Buy them before everyone else does.

-Whew! You didn't think you would find THE PAIR, but by some miracle you have. Now you must buy them before someone else does. because you know it's only a matter of time before they sell out. The moment you slip on your new boots you realize the blood, sweat, and tears were well worth it.

Step 3...

-Wait...what? There's a step three?

Well since you spent a good amount on those brand spankin' new pair of boots, it would be a shame if you didn't try to keep them that way. That's where good shoe maintenance comes in. Properly maintaining your boots (or shoes) is the best way to keep them not only looking their best, but it also makes sure they will last their longest. So how do you do this? Two words: clean and protect.

Keeping your shoes clean is a good start. Dirt and grime not only make shoes look worn out and dull, it also causes them to wear out faster. If you have canvas or fabric shoes, using a shoe cleaner like Kiwi Select Universal Cleaner is a good way to keep them clean. For more delicate materials like nubuck or leather, using Kiwi Saddle soap is your best choice. Not only does Saddle soap do a good job of getting the dirt off shoes, it also keeps the leather moisturized (preventing cracking)!

After your shoes are clean, you'll want to protect them from the elements. If you are going to be out in a lot of rain, using a heavy-duty waterproofing product like Kiwi Mink Oil on your smooth leather boots or shoes is a good way to go, but if your shoes are made of other materials (such as suede, fabric, etc.), or if a lighter-duty protection is desired, using a silicone spray like Kiwi Select All Protector is a great alternative. As a bonus, spraying your shoes will also help repel stains! Always test any products on your shoes in an inconspicuous place first to make sure they are colorfast.

So where can you find these items? Sole Food, of course! Taking the small easy step to clean and protect your footwear is definitely worth the time and effort. THE PAIR of boots you've always wanted will now last that much longer and your shoes will definitely thank you for it.

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